Spiros Kanakis

Spiros Kanakis’s K18 gold wire rings, bearing his personal signature as an artist, have established him in the field of jewelry. However, his collection does not end there and must be presented in its entirety as it showcases the talent and spirit of its creator.

Spiros’s jewelry demonstrates the traditional techniques in gold in an impressive way. After handling and pulling the precious metal in an elongated wire by hand, Spiros reshapes it by rewinding it, creating beautiful modern pieces. Whether he chooses to follow this method or the chenier tube technique, his jewelry is entirely handcrafted. Gold in its familiar deep K18 color may be alternated with white gold stripes. Rose gold may be also proposed, giving variety to an already large collection of modern as well as timeless pieces. Small inlaid diamonds are often added to his jewelry for a more “evening” look. Spiros' collection promises to captivate you. 

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