Savina Vasiliadi was born in New York in 1961. In 2000, having completed her studies and gained many years of experience abroad, she returned permanently to her homeland, Greece, where she continued her artistic career and was distinguished at the National Ceramics Exhibition. She proposes a large collection of artworks in ceramic stoneware or porcelain, all of high aesthetics and exceptional beauty.

Her porcelain table works stand with grace and elegance in any space and often, through a hidden lamp or candle, fill the room with warmth. Sometimes, ceramic art is flawlessly combined with acrylic paintings. Seagulls in ceramic stoneware and elegant porcelain leaves or drops are carefully and inspiringly placed on wall pieces, giving them depth and vibrancy with their three-dimensional character.

Equally imposing and undoubtedly unique, Savina's stunning platters in ceramic stoneware impose themselves on your space and define it. Each one is unique. Savina plays with glazing and forms in creating modern ceramic art pieces with enchanting colors and abstract shapes that challenge you to bring them into your life.

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