An accomplished jewelry designer, Apostolos Kleitsiotis began his artistic career in 1990. His innovative pieces in gold and silver, for every age, gender and taste, for every occasion and period of one's life, have justly received international recognition.

In Apostolos' work, boldness meets sensitivity. The bold black color of oxidized silver is aesthetically combined with the sensitivity of a precious ruby, a diamond and a design inspired by the shape of flowers. The subtlety of the gemstones contrasts beautifully with the deliberately rough surface of the metal and, often, the imposing size of the jewelry. At the same time, the mostly geometric shapes of the works contrast with their deliberately imperfect, handmade presentation.

At the sight of Apostolos' jewelry, the senses are in constant conflict. Appearance and texture, reason and emotion are in battle, each struggling to capture our attention. The result is overwhelming.

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