Vyron Dimitrakoulis

Award-winner at the National Ceramics Exhibition, Vyron Dimitrakoulis is a recognized ceramist, member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. His creations, both in ceramic and bronze, radiate artistic inspiration and talent.

Vyron's artwork stands out for the novelty of the depicted figures, their inner beauty and, above all, their movement. The movement of each figure, unique and eccentric, triggers thoughts and emotions and invites the observer to guess the story behind the creation. After the movement, the color. Larger scale artworks exhibit surprising forms, sometimes combined with metallic elements, and in impressive colors that blend harmoniously with the creation giving it a new dimension.

The inspiration seems to be unlimited. Discover Vyron's large collection of musicians and dervishes, as well as the artist's work in metal. Wall pieces, in brass, iron or inox, give us his perspective on city life.

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