"Treis Grammes"

The atelier "Treis Grammes" (Three Lines), run by Kοnstantina Pardali and Dimosthenis Kokkalis, has been operating since 1989 and offers a wide range of handmade ceramic objects. The creators choose to combine two ceramic techniques, Terra Sigillata and Racu, which allow them to express themselves through contemporary decorative pieces.

In stoneware clay or porcelain, their works represent both earth and sky. Discover their elegant objects, wall-mounted, table or pendulum-shaped, that will give your space another decorative dimension. At the same time, ceramic spinners, pomegranates, trees and flowers, always in earthy colours, remind us of the endless attraction of gravity and man's relationship with nature.

Home space is important. Next to the picturesque wall pieces depicting cityscapes, you will find elegant lighting proposals that will add warmth and novelty to your space. During the Christmas season, " Treis Grammes " lucky charms are customer’s first choice and will accompany your loved ones throughout the coming year.

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