Fivos Sargentis fascinates by combining science and art. As a civil engineer, Fivos teaches at the National Technical University of Athens. However, enchanted by sculpture from a young age, he manages to combine his two passions with impressive ease. His doctoral thesis, which was after all on the use and behavior of materials in sculpture, foreshadowed this encounter. Thus, his many years of experience and his numerious talents give rise to a rich body of research and artistic work. 

Fivos's sculptures in bronze are full of reverie, magic and inspiration. Often drawing on themes from films and well-known fairy tales, he sculpts small familiar figures from The Tramp ("Charlot"), Don Quixote, Aladdin and the Little Prince. In his own way, the artist tells timeless stories using small-scale bronze sculptures. His figurines exude a unique charm, as the playfulness of oxidation brings them to life, giving them movement and character.

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