Vaggelis Polyzos

Vaggelis Polyzos was born in Tsopela, Ioannina, in 1955. At the age of thirteen, he followed the last groups of stone masons in the villages of Thessaly. However, at the age of twenty-eight, he decided to change his course, seeking to express himself through jewelry and sculpture.

The type and variety of materials used by Vaggelis reveal not only his endless inspiration but also his admirable craftsmanship. His works in bronze, alpaca, iron, and brass often incorporate organic materials, such as horn, bone, coral, and pearl, which in turn reflect the artist's connection with nature.

Nature, in its unpretentious, wild yet alluring form, is his main source of inspiration. His oversized bronze flowers and stems, a trademark of the artist, are indicative of the psyche, temperament, and sensitivity of their creator. The large size of the artwork contrasts with the delicacy of the flower and the mobility of the stem. The final result fascinates us with its apparent simplicity.

Vaggelis has participated in numerous group exhibitions, as well as in the following solo exhibitions:

  • 1992 Art Gallery "Titanium", Athens
  • 1993 Art Gallery "Technima", Chania
  • 1993 Art Gallery "Diana", Athens
  • 1995 Art Gallery "Aenaon", Athens
  • 2014 Art Gallery "Aenaon", Athens
  • 2019 "Transformations, POLYTROPON Art Space, Athens
  • 2022 "Ta Amaranta", KORI Gallery, Athens
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