Thomas Thomidis

Persistence in every detail, long hours of craftsmanship, cutting edge techniques combined with the traditional goldsmith’s work. Aesthetic perfection, flawless creations, balance in shapes and materials. The passion of Thomas Thomidis is overwhelming, while the artist never hesitates to push his limits and explore new paths, fearless in the face of the challenges set by the materials and drawing on his inexhaustible artistic inspiration.

Thomas' jewelry, with its vibrant colors and elaborate technique, can rightly be compared to the elegant and intricate feminine nature, while the artist's scientific background explains the rigor in his creations, which leave nothing to chance. A small diamond is discreetly embodied in an elegant pendant, a hidden pearl is revealed between two layers of a precious metal. An architectural construction or a simple web lead to a cherished ring or an evening necklace, ideal companions in a world that lacks grace, logic and sensitivity.

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