Maria Apostolopoulou & Nikos Karakostas

Can jewelry design and sculpture merge into one? Maria Apostolopoulou and Nikos Karakostas provide a convincing answer through their fascinating pieces of jewelry.

Maria, after many years of dedication, has mastered an unbelievable skill of hand engraving gemstones. She follows the legendary Faberge House’s tradition, where the gemstone becomes the canvas on which the painting is carved. Inspired by ancient myths and archetypal symbols, the artist engraves the gemstone entirely by hand, producing stunning intaglios.

Nikos elegantly handles the crafted stone. In his designs, a bold modern look goes hand in hand with classic features. Distinctive white topaz beautifully adorns the carved stone. Light plays a prominent role in the background, be it enamel, titanium or even mother of pearl. The result of their combined work is, in reality, a unique piece of jewelry made just for you.

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