Koralia Kolaiti

Bright, vivid colours exude life and happiness all around us. Koralia Kolaiti's ceramics are not just platters, vases or bowls that will decorate your place. They are the definition of beauty itself. And what better way to define beauty than by the face of a beautiful woman? Inspired female forms with vibrant colors, that do not fade over time, reveal the craftsmanship of their creator.

Koralia's ceramic pieces, in stoneware clay, always have elements of painting and engraving. The multiple firing of the ceramic makes it resistant to high temperatures and waterproof. Details of gold pottery, as well as glazing, are often seen in her works. Inspired by the Greek ceramic tradition and a prize winner at the National Ceramics Exhibition, Koralia Kolaiti has followed her own distinctive artistic path. The selection of her work for Mikis Theodorakis' album, Litany II, is undoubtedly a high moment of pride and recognition of her work and talent.

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