Giorgos Kokovlis

The stoneware clay, worked with care and thoroughness and fired at a very high temperature, takes the form of plates, vases and bowls in the hands of Giorgos Kokovlis. Earthy and soothing colors are typical in Giorgos's work, which includes a large collection of ceramic creations inspired by the globe or by ancient discs and delivered in an original way.

Also influenced by Portuguese culture, Giorgos does not hesitate to incorporate traditional cultural elements of the country in his works. His abacuses are a prime example of this influence. His multilayered inspiration is perfected through his craftsmanship. Ceramic stoneware and porcelain, materials of different categories and quality, are difficult to combine. However, George manages to work them simultaneously and to integrate, in his ceramic creations, porcelain details, small pieces of light and beauty.

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